Artistic expression @ Tate Modern

I took my daughter to the Tate Modern yesterday, an international and modern art gallery along the Thames river. I was only to happy to take her as it is one of my favourite places. We wanted to see the Gerhard Richter: Panorama exhibit. We made good use of our time and visited all the exhibits on show. I made my way to some of my favourites and was only to happy to discover a few more. 

Two portraits below are by British artist, Meredith Frampton (1894-1984) and the other
by Pablo Picasso. I looked at Picasso's painting and thought it reflected how I felt post holiday rush. I then turned to Frampton's work and felt the calmness of his work...particularly the one of Marguerite Kelsey.

Marguerite Kelsey, 1928 by Meredith Frampton (1894-1984)

Portrait of a Young Woman, 1935 by Meredith Frampton (1894-1984)
Note: image taken by me and as a result, it has the reflection of the window
 behind me. I think it adds another interesting dimension to the image. :)

Bust of a Woman, 1944 by Pablo Picasso
Portrait of photographer, Dora Maar.
Image taken by me via Instagram

The Gerard Richter exhibit represents five decades of the artists life. I was fascinated by his choice in mediums and how varied they were from decade to decade. I admit I was a bit nervous as I passed into his 'grey era'. I had escaped into the Tate in search of colour after a few dreary grey days around London. I stared to laugh when I saw one grey painting after another...all interesting, but not quite the 'lift' I was looking for. I then wandered into the next room and 'wow', an explosion of abstract colour was before me in the most interesting textures. It was a study of genius.  I have a fondness for the work of Robert Rauschenberg and Mark Rothko and felt as I looked upon Richter's work that they were kindred spirits in many ways. I wondered, if once upon a time, they knew each other. The room below had a large mirror on one wall. It added an interesting dimension to the room..the perfect touch.

image~ Yves Krier

If you follow me, you know I collect postcards and love sending them even more. I grabbed a couple of the image of my favourites, Betty, a painting of the artists daughter as a young girl.

Betty, 1988 by Gerhard Richter
image via Gerhard Richter

Before I left the gallery, I watched a video of Gerhard Richter speaking about his art here. For a split second, I managed to catch him taking a photo of his work as he walked through the installation prior to the opening to the public. I wondered what he must have thought, seeing some of his work, sold years ago... before him once again. I love this photo, he taking a photo of his work with me taking a photo of him..via a monitor. It is the little things in life that give us such pleasure, this did it for me. :)

Gerhard Richter...photographing his work. image~me
The exhibit runs thru 8 January, you can read about it here.
and...if you fancy an evening walk along the can visit me here.

Best wishes for a Bright and Happy New Year....
may it be filled with inspiration!!

Jeanne xx

Glamour Girls...

Glamming it up for New Years...
where Sloane girls go for all the trimmings.

"Something new, something fun, something to talk about"

261 Pavilion Road
Sloane Square


A-tisket, a-tasket...

A-tisket, a-tasket, a green and yellow basket... Never one to miss a photo of a bike, I just had to add this one to my photo collection. I had serious basket envy when I saw this one and I am still trying to figure out the difference in the wheel size. This was the end of a beautiful walk at the National Trust property, Polesden Lacey in Surrey. You can view the photos from my walk HERE.

Twinkling lights and raindrops on Sloane Square...

Christmas shopping tonight with twinkling lights and raindrops on Sloane Square...and it was lovely.
I had just stepped out of Peter Jones and could not resist falling back into the crowd and
snapping this pic. Not the greatest clarity...but I hope you get the idea.

Time has slipped by since my last post here. I have been around the world and back again
and it is great to be home. I have a full house for Christmas, my kids are all home for the holidays,
a wonderful feeling. As I write, my daughters and I are tucked in for our annual Christmas movie night...first one up...'Love Actually'...perfect for a rainy night in England. 

From my home to yours...sending wishes for a wonderful holiday.

Jeanne xx

A song and a dance from Love Actually ... classic Hugh :)

A Christmas Caroll in Richmond Park

A passing shot driving through Richmond Park in Surrey this morning...
listening to Il dulci jubilo on the CD, 'A Christmas Caroll' from Westminster Abbey. 
It made my day.  You can listen to excerpts from the CD HERE

Charles Dickens and Little Dorrit

If you are like me and like to curl up with a good book every now and again....and even better with a great English TV drama, than I highly recommend the BBC production of Litte Dorrit by Charles Dickens. In fact, I discovered the show via a comment on my blog. I just love this blogging world!

I was especially thrilled to see Matthew MacFadyen in this series. I am a big fan of his which resulted in my daughter sighing in embarrassment when I spotted him in a restaurant a few months ago.  She decided that having her mother stare a a good looking younger man throughout a meal was not much fun for her....but, it was for me. :) I digress....back to the show.

The think about Charles....he tells a good tale. They are full of mystery and intrigue.The people, the places, the story line...I have to say, it was very hard to stop myself during this series. I could have easily watched the entire production all the way was that entertaining. My only disappointment was that it ended. I wish it hadn't.

This is just the beginning in a series of events around Charles Dickens. In 2012, we celebrate his 200th birthday with a retrospective. The events around London are starting to take shape and form. I am particularly keen to get over to the British Library to view an exhibitions that starts today and runs thru 4 March 2012, 'A Hankering after Ghosts: Charles Dickens and the Supernatural'. More information here. The Charles Dickens Museum is also on my 'to do' list and of course...books, books, books...the following have received honorable mentions recently.



Do you have a favourite Charles Dickens story? 
Do tell, I would love to hear!

images: 12-3