Twinkling lights and raindrops on Sloane Square...

Christmas shopping tonight with twinkling lights and raindrops on Sloane Square...and it was lovely.
I had just stepped out of Peter Jones and could not resist falling back into the crowd and
snapping this pic. Not the greatest clarity...but I hope you get the idea.

Time has slipped by since my last post here. I have been around the world and back again
and it is great to be home. I have a full house for Christmas, my kids are all home for the holidays,
a wonderful feeling. As I write, my daughters and I are tucked in for our annual Christmas movie night...first one up...'Love Actually'...perfect for a rainy night in England. 

From my home to yours...sending wishes for a wonderful holiday.

Jeanne xx

A song and a dance from Love Actually ... classic Hugh :)


  1. Wishing you a happy Christmas Jeanne big sis! Enjoy Love Actually, it always delivers! Lou x

  2. Seasons Greetings, Jeanne! I Hope you and your family have a great holiday together! --Joe

  3. Hello again JEanne,

    Love Actually is one of my favorites! The perfect evening! I am with my husbands famiyl for Christmas this year but will be having many movie nights over New Years with my two sisters and mother.

    Enjoy your girls and of course your boys too, how nice to have them all home for the holidays.

    Love the photos, beautiful as always.

    Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year. Elizabeth xo

  4. how lovely, I wish I was back in London, too, now! Merry Christmas!

  5. As you know, it's one of my favorites as well. Have seen it three times this December:-D

  6. Ah yes, Love Actually...wonderful. And a must-see for me over the holidays...Die Hard!
    Happy Christmas Jeanne!

  7. May the warmth and love you have in your house now be with you all trough the year ahead!

    Happy Christmas, Beautiful Jeanne!

    Off to que up Love Actually...oh!!

  8. You know me well. Yes, I'd love to be there. My home away from home in the old city.

    Love Actually is a marvelous choice. And don't forget The Bishop's Wife!

    Have a wonderful Christmas with the whole big family!

  9. The lights on Sloane Square are magnificent...and so is your photography!! Have fun watching the movie with your girls....sounds like my kind of night!

  10. Hi Jeanne, I lived in London for many years, in South Kensington actually right near this square, and miss it terribly. These beautiful photos of yours made me very sentimental! I often wish I was back there, shopping on King's Road and wandering through Kensington Gardens. (Have you discovered the secret walled garden there yet?) Thank you for all the wonderful posts this year - which I've just been catching up on. Best wishes to you and your family. Janelle McCulloch