Royal Sunshine

The sun is shining, with good reason!
A beautiful celebration :)
If you missed the service, here are a few pics 
along with the photo above.

England's Finest

 It's party time in London!
Everyone is showing support for the Royal Wedding in their own special way. 

From the very grand at The Ritz Hotel

to the local corner flower shop,

to the artisan's window,

and the very posh shops of Jermyn Street.

Grab a seat, 

be mindful of the weather..

as we celebrate the happy occasion!

More photos and news from around London, here.

with exception of bottom photo ( postcards) 

Beautiful English Landscapes

We managed a few outings over the weekend. Everything came slowly and at our own pace...a perfect weekend. Our only mishap was the attempt to get up to Box Hill. It seemed that every child in a 100 mile radius was attending the annual Easter Egg Hunt. No is close at hand and we will try again another day.

We popped into Banstead Common to give Tika a run around. It was a quiet spot with vistas as far as the  eye could see. Thru the woods and peering into a family garden. It was a nice way to end the day.

Today was closer to home with a trip to Claremont Landscape Garden, a National Trust property. This spot is rich in garden history. 'In 1726 it was described as the noblest of any in Europe'. Much has changed since then but you can still glimpse a few areas of the garden that were magnificent features of the time, an island and pavilion, grotto, camellia terrace and more. Today we felt that we had it to ourselves, a welcome sight after our experience at Box Hill.

One long weekend down, another one to go in a few more days. 
Happy days in Surrey :)
Best wishes to one and all for a wonderful week!

Jeanne xx


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If you had one year......

Dear friends

Every time I pass this house, I look over my shoulder and think...just one more.  I feel joy with each glance. Mr. H and I pass this house every Saturday morning when we walk to town for the weekend papers. Walking in pace with another can be so revealing. I find that it is not so much the destination as the conversation along the way. Step by step you learn more and more.

A few posts ago I mentioned the winds of change (here). It seems, with each walk, the wind blow stronger. Your future is before you...ideas come forth, thoughts start to take shape, a plan needs to be developed. So, in the wee hours of this glorious Saturday morning, I have one question to ask you.

If you had one year left before you moved on to a new home, town or country, what would you do? How would you make the most of it?  As always, your thoughts are most welcome and appreciated.

Best wishes for a glorious Easter!

Jeanne xx

in winter...


Springtime in Surrey

Meandering through Painshill Park today
in Cobham, Surrey.
Beautiful summer like day,
I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz
there is no place like Springtime in Surrey,
there is no place like Springtime in Surrey...
always in my heart :)

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English Cabbages and Roses

I have been pining away for a simple English country cottage. 
If I were so lucky, my first stop would be Cabbages and Roses
The business started in 2000 with a cushion, fabric, skirt and a dress. 
Over time it has developed into a store that 'encompasses British heritage 
through and through' with a range that includes homeware, clothes and fabrics.

 You can also pick up one, two or all three of
Cabbages and Roses books for inspiration.

The first things to go in my shopping basket?
The linen table cloth and chair covers.
I might just pick up a few now. You never
know when a simple English country cottage will come your way. :)

Stop in and have a just may find that extra something you have been looking for.....

Royal Wedding Nerves

Two weeks and counting and even I am nervous for her.
Can you imagine?? 
Kate attended a wedding rehearsal at Westminster Abbey yesterday.
All the weekend papers covered it. For those of you who
plan to watch the wedding UK time, I have provided
details below with thanks to The Daily Telegraph.

Westminster Abbey

Prince William and Harry leave Clarence House for Westminster Abbey. 
The brothers are due to arrive at 10:15am.
The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall leave for Westminster Abbey.
The couple will arrive at the abbey at 10:42am.

The Duke of York, the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York, 
the Earl and Countess of Wessex, the Princess Royal and 
Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence leave for Westminster Abbey. 
They arrive at 10:40am.
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh leave Buckingham Palace 
for Westminster Abbey. They arrive at the abbey at 10:45am.

Carole Middleton, Miss Middleton's mother and James Middleton, 
her brother, leave for Westminster Abbey. They are due to arrive at 10:27am.
The bride, accompanied by Michael Middleton, her father, 
leaves for Westminster Abbey, via The Mall. This route is yet to be confirmed.

Non-Royal Arrivals 
The general congregation
From 9:50am
Governors-general and prime ministers of realm countries, 
the diplomatic corps, and other distinguished guests.
Members of foreign royal families arrive at Westminster Abbey 
from Buckingham Palace.
The marriage service begins. The service will be relayed by audio 
speakers along the route.
The carriage procession of the wedded bride and bridegroom with a captain's escort 
of the Household Cavalry, followed by the Queen's procession with a sovereign's escort 
of the Household Cavalry, leaves Westminster Abbey for Buckingham Palace.

The bride's carriage procession arrives.
Members of the Royal family and foreign royal families arrive.
The Queen and the bride and bridegroom, together with their families, 
will appear on the balcony.
Fly Past by the Royal Air Force and 
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

Royal Wedding Precision at it's finest!

More wedding news, here.

The view from the balcony ( minus thousands of people) will be just as spectacular.
Buckingham Palace and gardens in spring flowers....

Images of Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and gardens ~ me
Wedding procession details and newspaper images via The Daily Telegraph