In Pursuit of the Perfect English Reader...

This is a follow up to my last post, A Queen and her Diamond Jubilee. Before I proceed, I would like to thank the lovely readers of my blog who forwarded my last post to me. I had an unfortunate mishap with my iPad and managed to delete everything but the post title. Peace and order have entered my life once again...much like The Queen.

This is not a book review, yet. In fact it is about to be a purchase. To get into the spirit of the Jubilee, I have decided to listen via Audio CD to a biography on the life of Queen Elizabeth II. I have mentioned before, my life requires many hours, behind the wheel, on country roads and the confusion of city streets. I learned quickly, upon moving to Surrey, that listening to a story along the well, lovely. I have listened to many and the standouts during my time living in England have been The Hobbit read by Martin Shaw and my most recent journey, Then Again, read by Diane Keaton.

I am particular about my stories, I have to listen to a sample of the Reader first. If I am going to listen to someone for hours on end, I want to enjoy their company. I am very particular on this one. In regards to Queen Elizabeth II, the reader must be English...and have the reverence of a Queen. There are several audio biographies out there, but try as I might, I just couldn't warm up to many of them.  I think I found what I was looking for in the voice of Phyllida Nash. Reading sample, here.

Sarah Bradford is a internationally acclaimed historian and biographer.  George VI, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Princess Diana, Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis are a few of her many acclaimed and celebrated biographies. 'Queen Elizabeth II - Her Life in Our Times' was released this month. You can read more about Sarah Bradford here.

I am currently driver without reader. When I finished my journey with Diane Keaton, I felt like I was saying goodbye to a dear friend. Yes, I enjoy a good Reader, that much... and well....there is something about Diane. :)

I look forward to the voice of Phyllida Nash...perhaps I might even perfect an English accent. On second thought...this is beyond my American accent with a trace of an Australian sealed for life! But I can try...

You can read a review on the 'Queen Elizabeth II - Her Life in Our Times' here
If you shop via Amazon UK, you can purchase the audio CD, here or Amazon USA, here.

How about you... do you enjoy the company of a Reader?

I have nearly completed the CD's and have been hanging on every word. Not only do I find the life of Queen Elizabeth II interesting but also the historical events surrounding her years of service to her country. Her devotion and dedication is admirable and I admit there were a few tears (mine) as well.
I am so happy to have selected this story in CD version...well chosen!

Image and another source to purchase the book, via AudioGo


  1. Thanks for the recommendations!
    I just got Stephen Fry's latest book on audio, looking forward to trying it out.

  2. Jeanne,
    I am really enjoying your posts on Queen Elizabeth and the Diamond Jubilee. I don't normally listen to audiotapes of books but you have me intrigued by what you wrote. I will definitely be doing this soon based on your recommendations. I think I will start with the Diane Keaton one. What a lovely way to make a long drive more enjoyable!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xx Sunday

  3. Ooh this looks like a good one. A good biography of the Queen read by someone with a lovely English accent sounds perfect to me. Thanks for sharing your recommendation!

  4. I never listened to audio books before, but you have piqued my interest ;-)

  5. amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!

  6. Yes! I love to have a good book going in the car as I drive to and from work. One of my favorite's is Jonathan Cecil's reading of the Jeeves and Wooster books. Laugh out loud funny. Cecil sounds exactly like Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. After your post, I will pick up Diane Keaton's bio on cd. Thanks, Jeanne.

  7. I tend not to listen to books, and I really should on road trips. Wasn't Diane K. your friend after that book? I have great respect for the queen and am a bit of an Anglophile, so I will look forward to this. We will have a one-day/two-night layover in London in early May and I'm hoping to pick up something from the Jubilee!