Pashley and Brooks...a love story

I think my experience living in England will be forever known as the
time in my life when I fell in love...with Pashley and Brooks. 
My first love is my Pashley bike.
I have written about it numerous times and made the decision
 to bring it back as my blog title photo...again, just because I love it so.

A curious thing happened to me last week in an excursion to explore
Chiswick outside of London. I popped into a bike shop, and found 
the pannier of my dreams. The Brick Lane Roll-Up Pannier by Brooks to be specific.
It was a bit dear in price, even on discount...I hemmed and hawed. 
I looked for a Pashley bike in the shop, threw it on the back and I had my answer.
The pannier is versatile, light, easy to use, holds everything I need,
I just love the look and it is now mine. :)

images 1-4



I now have two items by Brooks...a bike seat and a pannier.
Both made in England and both to be treasured for many years to come.

My Pashley and my Brooks (below)
@Home Sweet Home

My next stop...Islington.
I have yet to get to Bobbin Bicycles and I need a helmet.


  1. Your bicycle has everything now. Yes, the pannier seems practical and has a lot of space.
    My wife, Cheri, wants to start cycling again. She needs a new bicycle seat.

  2. Oooh, that's a great pannier! Does the dapper little servant man with the cherry-red beret and socks come with (it? What is he doing with those socks, one wonder? Is that his riding outfit?)

    I love Schwinn bikes. I bought a white women's Schwinn last year - the cruiser type (but with gears), that you can step through, even with a skirt on. They're so comfortable. The seats are like armchairs! I attached a cute wicker basket but think I need a pannier too...

    Janelle xx

  3. Love, love your bike and your new accessories for it. And Jeanne, I have always loved your header with the bike in it. It is just so perfect for your evokes your travels through the country and your discoveries along the way. Just perfect!

  4. You just kill me. I read your blog and suddenly I must have a Pashley bike and a Brook's pannier (didn't even know what a pannier was before I read your blog). Oh, and of course, Chameau boots!

  5. I really need to ride my bike more -- Rick goes 6,000 miles a year; last year I didn't get mine out! Maybe if I had a pannier, I'd ride it to work, if I could get up the nerve to cross the BIG streets!

  6. These bikes are dreamy!! Happy to see the header again :)

  7. I share your passion for Pashleys. Love my bike and basket to bits! Bobbins looks very nice. Think I need to have a peek in there as well.

  8. I bought the ladies Pashley princess classic in regency green I liked her better than the mens version.
    It's a dream to ride lovely and so comfortable with the Brooks sprung saddle. The leather saddle seems to have become more comfortable having completed over 1000 miles in seven months. The three speed gears are really easy to use and I can get up and down the gears with ease. I can honestly say my Pashley is the best bike I have ever ridden. I love my Pashley