Lost in London and Discovering Daunt Books

I had a wee adventure the other day. It started in Parsons Green and involved a very long walk that ended in South Kensington...no where close to where I wanted to be but I had fun just the same. I should mention that a bus was involved in this journey for a short distance.  Let's just say that I now have a better appreciaion of street numbers and looking for forks in the road. I love that you can get lost in London and not stress (if you have the time). Every corner is a new adventure and I had more than one on this occasion. My misdirection led me to Daunt Books on Fulham Road in Chelsea. It has been on my 'to do' list so I was delighted when I came upon it.

Daunt Books is located around London in Marylebone, Chelsea, Holland Park, Hampstead, Belszie Park and Cheapside. My first port of call in any books store, is to the travel section. These days I like to check out what is available on Vietnam. I was happy to see that they have one of the widest selections around. Second to Vietnam is travel writing. If you enjoy travel memoirs...you must have a look here. Better yet, check out the virtual tour here...this is why I love book stores and I hope this one rewards readers for many years to come.

 Before I left, I picked up this wonderful book bag. If you read my other blog, Collage of Life, you may already know that I am offering two book bags as a Giveaway. You can read about it and enter here

Having left Daunt Books, I carried on and on to another great spot...
I will tell you about that on in my next post. ;)


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