mary's living and giving shop... London

I am one of those people who is easily distracted when she walks along the street.
People who travel with me often sigh in exasperation as they stop and wonder
where I have gone. I don't mean to is just that I am easily lured away.

Fortunately, I was on my own the other day when I wandered into 
mary's living & giving shop in London. It could have been the 
bucket of flowers out front. It could have been the colour of the building. 
It could have been the window display or it could have been 
that it is a store suppporting Save the Children. It required investigation.

 It was worth the visit. A cute little shop, it is filled with the essentials, clothes 
and accessories, books, china, silverware and home decorations. 
A bit of this and that, just enough to make you stay awhile.
I asked if I could take a photo and the manager happily obliged. 
I loved the book nook and was fascinated by the wallpaper in the changing room. 

The clothes are well selected and the prices are reasonable. It is one of those
places you need to pop into every now and again because you never know...
you just might find the perfect item. I walked away with four heavy silver soup spoons
to add to our collection. Just the right size. I was happy.

I later learned that Mary is of Mary Portas fame. It is a charity concept 
she developed for Save the Children. It is one of four mary's living and giving shops.

'With the local community at its heart, Living & Giving is not just a shop, 
but a place to inspire, share, create, meet and discover. Living and Giving is a philosophy, 
a fantastic way to contribute to the community, help some of the world's most vulnerable 
children and bag a designer bargain at the same time!'

So...if you are in the vicinity of Parsons Green and happen upon a grocer 
with a colourful bunch of flowers out front,
pop into mary's living and giving next door...and explore. :)

28 New Kings Road

I hopped off at the Parsons Green tube stop. Next time you are in the area,
be sure to stop in at The French House. Another great spot
that requires investigation. You can read about my visit to this store 
and my travelling chaise longue here.

41-43 Parsons Green Lane
London, SW6 4HH



  1. I think Mary's living and Giving would be not only fun to go through but also great knowing that good things come from shopping there!! A win-win!

  2. Well, that settles it! I've got to head further down King's Road and make my way to Parsons Green for a little shopping. Thanks for the introduction to the two shops!

  3. Jeanne, I just jumped over to The Woman's Room blog and saw the post of tulips. They were gorgeous! Thanks for the link to a new blog to follow!