A Morning in South Kensington

Last week, I checked in on Facebook 
to say that I was having breakfast with my notebook.
I was here at Le Pain Quotidien in South Kensington.
I sat at a long wooden communal table and sipped an extraordinary large 
bowl of cafe latte along with a delicious bowl of organic porridge 
with honey and stewed fruit. Did I mention it was delicious?  :)

Energised, I then moved on, past South Kensington Station....

Filled with witty English books...

Before leaving...just one for me.. because I love bicycles 
and this book has the most wonderful photographs by Horst. A. Friedrichs.
If you love bicycles too...you must have a look at this

You can appreciate, that this was hard to resist after leaving the bookshop. :)

More importantly, I am having a giveaway, you can read all about it here.


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  1. I am adding that bakery to my list of places to see when I am next in London, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later! Thanks for another gorgeous virtual walk through the streets of London.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  2. More books! I love it. Speaking of notebooks - I'm taking an art history course at the university, and I'm taking notes in the book from you - so you're sort of there too:-)

  3. Jeanne, You are going to miss England so much. You can be happy that you have taken such great advantage of every opportunity while you could. So fun.


    ps. The porridge sounds amazing.

  4. I always love porridge. My grandmother used to make porridge with dark chocolate. With honey and and fruits it will be almost perfect.
    Wit books and fashion accessories you completed a wonderful day.

  5. LOVE Kensington (have a flat there and it's where Hubs was born) and Books for Cooks is one of my fav places (being an avid cook and bookworm). Are they still based in Portobello? Your blog makes me more and more excited about returning to the UK after 12 years away. I am sure I will look at it with more appreciative (and wiser) eyes ;-)

  6. So close to my house--I walk by there all the time and I love the Bookthrift shop--I could park myself there for hours. Have you spent any time in the tiny V&A bookshop just around the corner next to the Creperie?