Our daily ride....

 There is nothing like a bicycle, just back from a fine tuning.
Tika and I took our daily ride today, down to the pond and back.
Me tooling along, she running behind.

 You know of course, with a Springer Spaniel, it is all about the water.
She knows what awaits her at the end of the excursion.
The local pond holds all sorts of interest including bird life.
She runs with eager anticipation...
until we get there and then it is always the same look.
Why not?

I tell her the same thing every time...the signs say 'no dogs allowed'
the ducks are not interested in a canine swimming partner.

I always stop and look around when I get there. 
There is usually a photo or two taken. My file is growing.
We are going to miss this little spot when we move.
It speaks to us.

In all seasons...

Do you have a favourite spot you like to visit?



  1. What a gorgeous spot! Are those silver birches? My favourite spots usually involve big open skies and water. Are you off soon? xx

    1. Belinda...we are off in July, just before madness hits London. :)

  2. How nice to have photos of a place you love each seson.

  3. Gorgeous photo's. You leave the UK just before the madness begins, and I arrive smack in the middle of it ;-)