Sentimental in Surrey

Call me a sentimental fool, I have written about this before, but
I can't seem to let go... I have a weakness for our local bus stop.

Three mornings a week, my son, our dog, Tika and I head out
to meet the school bus. Thru the woods and over the pass 
to the bus stop we go.

You might is just a bus stop. 
 I view it as a special time with my son and
a time to reflect on the day to come.
The morning traffic flows slowly by as 
woman, boy and dog sit and wait for the bus...patiently.

Well...almost patiently. Tika has discovered a family of ducks
that have taken to the pond recently and has shown a keen interest, 
a very keen interest.

This morning, I took my bike to carry my son's wellies back
to the house. The rain has come...we are in season, but, that's ok
for we have the bus stop. :)

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  1. Oh, how I love this -- not simply because it's so picturesque and lovely, but for all it represents in treasured moments. You'll never forget those moments, either.

  2. Someday, Jeanne, when he's all handsome and grown up, you'll remember these sweet times and what you had together FOR THIS TIME. He'll remember too, because you put yourself into his life. It will be fun to compare notes!

  3. Jeanne,

    You are not a sentimental fool dear friend but a wonderful mom treasuring special, everyday moments with her son and their pup. Special times to be sure. I just spent 21/2 months with my mom, and I can tell you that even though I am 45 many memories were created together and in the last five days my mom has mentioned several of them to me as she told me she missed me.

    Treasue these moments Jeanne, life goes by so, so fast!

    HAve a wonderful weekend! Elizabeth

  4. Those cold and foggy mornings while waiting for the bus are the things we treasured after the children are grown up. The moments seemed ordinary right now.The repeatitious patient waiting makes the jewel.

  5. So atmospheric. Like something out of a Hitchcock film ;-)
    What part of Surrey is this?

  6. I love your blog! Just found it. Like you, I'll be upping sticks soon and moving. To Canada. I shall keep an eye on your blog to see how you get on!

  7. Oh, I miss waiting for the bus with my little ones! (The "baby" is almost 18) You have a lovely blog, and I'm a new follower! ♥
    Anne :)