Victor Tardieu and the Duchess of Sutherland

I love new discoveries, especially when I find them in unusual places.
I came across an small article in Country Life magazine..written
by Art Market specialist, Huon Mallalieu...

"A highlight of the fair (BADA) is a group of paintings shown by Abbott & Holder. 
Victor Tardieu (1870-1937) is an artist who deserves to be much better known, and his series 
of studies of the Duchess of Sutherland's hospital 'camp in the oatfield' in 1915 should be 
bought by the Imperial War Museum forthwith.


This naturally raised my curiosity. Firstly, I was delighted to discover Abbott and Holder gallery.
It is conveniently situated on Museum St, opposite the British Museum. I look forward to the opportunity to visit one day. In the meantime, if you are interested, you can view their 
LISTS, introducing 100 oil paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints. It is available on the first Wednesday of every month (here).

More importantly, the paintings above are included in a series of ten WWl oil paintings by Victor Tardieu (1870-1937) which record the tented field hospital established and run by Millicent, Duchess of Sutherland (1867-1955) at Bourbourg, twelve miles south-west of Dunkirk during the summer months of 1915. The paintings were given to the Duchess by the artist and have remained in the Sutherland collection ever since. This is the first time they have been exhibited.

The entire collection is not to be missed!
Be sure to read the History of the collection as well...fascinating!

If you plan to attend the BADA Fair ( British Antique Dealers' Association), 
you will see them on display with Abbott and Holder. I hope to be there. 
I feel these are not to be missed. The fair will be held March 21-27 2012 
at the Duke of York Square, by Sloane Square, London

In case you are wondering...
Victor Tardieu, painter and
Dean Indochina School of Fine Arts1925-1937
Millicent the 4th Duchess of Sutherland
received the Croix de guerre for her Red Cross work
during World War l.

Some of you may know that we will be moving to Vietnam in a few months time.
I was interested to learn that Victor Tardieu spend much of his time in his later
years in Hanoi, Vietnam where he founded the Indochina School of Fine Art.
He had a profound influence over Vietnamese painting and art during that time.
I hope to discover more of his work one day.

A Hanoi girl by Victor Tardieu (1870-1937)


  1. How fun to find a London Hanoi connection.

    I have been meaning to tell me that I got a great book for Christmas from one of my daughters ... MY VIETNAM by Luke Nguyen. I think you'd love it. Gorgeous photos, stories and recipes.


  2. Beautiful paintings and I LOVE the palette Victor Tardieu works in.
    Every week I borrow Country Life magazines from the Epsom library and I always love reading about what is in the auctions houses.
    Is this in a March issue Jeanne - I'll keep my eye out for it.
    If I know the date I'm able to reserve it on-line!!!!!

    I'm off to following your links - thank you!
    Shane x

  3. Jeanne,

    These are so lovely! I must go and find out more about this gallery as well as the paintings.

    I cannot wait to hear all about you visiting this gallery and of course the antiques show. I am anxious to see what treasures you come home with.

    Thank you so much for your more than kind comments! You are such a wonderful friend and as I said on my post I am so happy to have found you!

    Have a fabulous week, Elizabeth

  4. I am trying to catch up on many of your previous posts since I found your most interesting blog daughter is a nurse and I would like to somehow incorporate this painting into a scrapbook for my far as Katharine Hepburn, you said it all in one sentence! year!!

  5. Jeanne: Every time I am in London I pop into Abbott and Holder. I've had great luck finding beautiful little original drawings of French furniture pieces. The place is a treasure chest.

  6. I wonder that Mr. Tardieu didn't choose a consist style, some his paintings quite look like Renoir, some like Pissaro or Manet... But I like his art works in Indochina a lot, he expressed the atmosphere of North Vietnam very well! Thanks for your note.

    1. You may like to know that the Musee Cernuschi in Paris has an exhibition at the moment all about Tardieu and his influence on art education in French Indo China ( as Vietnam then was).We have also added more information about him to our website

      Philip Athill
      Abbott and Holder JV

  7. Hi Jeanne,

    I am so delighted to have discovered your page ! It's so unique and warm ! I've just read your 'About Me' page and it's wonderfully artistic ! I came across your page while searching info on Victor Tardieu for my father-in-law who is 91 years and wanting to know more about life and works of all his teachers and people he knew from Ecole Superieur des Beaux-arts de l'Indochine in Hanoi where he attended in 1942-1943. It's so valuable all the info and links you provided ! Thank you for the writings and sharing. My bedtime reading now will be your page, i cant wait to begin and continue going through each and every single link you posted. Take good care and hope you keep your page on always !