Gardening at Hatchard's...on Piccadilly

 Every time I peep into my photo files, 
I come across another item I have been meaning to mention.
If you read along at any of my blogs, you will know that 
bicycles and bookshops run near and dear to my heart. 
Someday, I think I could create a book...
just dedicated to all my photographs on both subjects.

Hatchard's bookshop on Piccadilly in London is worth a visit.
In fact it is a must, for they have the best selection on everything and anything.
I was so overwhelmed by the selection of gardening books that I decided 
further investigation was required. If your a gardening enthusiast...
you may enjoy these as well.

Wonderful books can be found at 
Booksellers since 1797
187 Piccadilly, London
Phone: 020 7439 9921

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  1. Oh YES! I love this shop and often find that although I've only 'nipped' in for a quick book, (is there such a thing?) I have spent hours there, missed my lunch, and my train home. But do I care? No way, a must visit.

    1. I am with you Minerva..I know the feeling!
      Jeanne xx

  2. Dear Jeanne
    I'm a book shop-a-holic an inherant trait from my Irish father - Jeanne maybe you got yours the same way!

    Discovering a good bookshop is like meeting up with my best friend. I instinctively seek out the travel and gardening sections - especially armchair travel and English gardeners.
    I'm always on the lookout for Vita's "In your Garden" series on TradeMe, but as yet I haven't been lucky!

    I think I could very happily while away day after day at Hatchards - sadly the UK is not included in our France trip this year!

    I hope you enjoyed your little sojourn in Paris after Vietnam and HK. Are you feeling happier about moving to Vietnam now Jeanne?

    I love popping in to your blogs with my morning coffee in hand - you always transport me to another world - much much more exciting than mine - thank you!
    BTW I think you should write that book one day, in fact I can see you've got several books IN YOU dear Jeanne! Your little anecdotes are wonderful and your observant eye doesn't miss a thing worth telling!

    love and hugs

    Shane in the land of NZ - one of your second homes!!

    1. Shane, you are a sweetie, thank you! I am delighted to call NZ a second home, it always will be to me.
      I am very excited about your trip to France. I am off next week. I have my list!
      In answer to your question..yes, I am excited about moving to Vietnam...a fascinating place. :)

  3. I want them all.

    I just received the lovely post card from Viet Nam. Of course, it is very special, since I grew up there AND because it is from you. Thanks, dearest.

  4. OMG! I LOVE this bookshop and also this part of central London. Have a lovely week xx

  5. Jeanne, I love Hatchards. I could spend hours there. What a great selection of garden books. I will be checking out all of these. Isn't England's Hideaways a beautiful book? And I have the four volumes of Vita's gardening books. Thanks for sharing such a delicious browsing experience at Hathchards with us!

  6. I, too, love books and bookstores. Your Hathchard's looks marvelous! Some days it's just like breathing in spring to sit in a bookstore. The thing that makes me happiest is that all my grandchildren love them too!

  7. I have enjoyed reading again through my recovery. So happy to be here visiting you again, I have enjoyed catching up on all your wonderful posts, Hope you have a great weekend my friend.

    Always Wendy

  8. being a garden book addict i am delighted to see this collection. when in london this fall i am headed to this shop!

  9. Hello Jeanne,
    Remember a while back I wrote and asked you about a book you reviewed called Garden People - The photographs of Valerie Finnis. Well I absolutely cherish it!!! Your head must have been doing spins at Hatchards. In the throws of creating a garden from scratch an hour and half out of Melbourne in Gippsland. Spending hours pouring over catelogues and library books. At Hatchard's I couldn't have contained myself. Security would have to be called to remove me from the building!!!