London Travel Tips...

I love coming across great travel tips and I have picked up many recently
from A Bloomsbury Life by Lisa Borgnes Giramonti.
She was on a trip through London recently and is sharing her experiences.
I highly recommend a visit, here and here.  

Another place I love to visit for ideas is Pamela @ From The House of Edward
Pamela and Edward live in the American South, dream of the Scottish Highlands
and when we are lucky enough, she travels to London and takes delight 
 every step of the way. Readers of her blog passed on wonderful suggestions here
I love what she wrote here and the story about her father's watch, here

My first list of London travel tips started with Vicki @ French Essence
Vicki spends her time between London and Saint Rémy de Provence in southern France.  
She created a list of all her favourite things to see and do in London and I was lucky 
enough to come across it. I wrote down every single recommendation in my London 
journal and have nearly seen or experienced them all. You can read Vicki's London list here.

To these three lovely ladies, I send my thanks. It has been a pleasure!

If you have London travel tips, please pass them on. I love to share! :)


  1. You are a dear, Jeanne.
    But of course, one of the best things about my last London trip was breakfast with you!!

  2. Excellent information about London and useful travel tips shared. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  3. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    Great post - I think one of the most important aspects of traveling in London is to have a firm understanding of the underground. If you want to be able to see as much as possible in a short amount of time then the tube is the best way to see the city. Understanding the tube map itself is pretty easy, find where you want to go and follow the colour coded lines. But the pricing is a bit of a nightmare so I would just buy an all day travel card. Whenever I am in London for business, and with traveling between my serviced apartment, to the office, to different sites it is best just to get an all day pass. And don't even get me started on different zones!!