The Royal Collection

I have been hemming and hawing.
Not quite sure what I wanted to purchase as a commemorative item
for the Diamond Jubilee of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

Today, I spent the day at Windsor Castle and made up my mind. 
One look at the Royal Collection and I knew what I wanted.
For my desk, a Diamond Jubilee Lion Head Beaker for my favourite flowers
and a Diamond Jubilee Pillbox Clock to remember our time living in England.
I keep telling myself that it will end there but as the
excitement mounts for the upcoming festivities, I can feel myself weakening.

Have a look here, what would you purchase as a keepsake?

Diamond Jubilee Lion Head Beaker

Product code: 013579
This official range of English fine bone china celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and has been commissioned by the Royal Collection. The Royal Coat of Arms has been specially painted for the occasion. The border decoration is based on the famous Rockingham Service, made between 1830 and 1837 for William IV who was a great patron of English porcelain. It was first used at Queen Victoria’s coronation banquet in 1838.
This English fine bone china is entirely made by hand in Staffordshire using traditional methods unchanged for 250 years. Each piece is finished with 22 carat gold.

Diamond Jubilee Pillbox Clock

Product code: 013576
This official commemorative English fine bone china pillbox clock has been specially commissioned by the Royal Collection to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The Royal Coat of Arms has been specially painted to commemorate the occasion. The border decoration is based on the famous Rockingham Service, made between 1830 and 1837 for William IV who was a great patron of English fine bone china. It was first used at Queen Victoria’s coronation banquet in 1838. 
This English fine bone china pillbox clock is made in Staffordshire, England entirely by hand using traditional methods unchanged for 250 years. Each piece is hand finished with 22 carat gold.

Images, references and purchase information to the 
Diamond Jubilee Lion Head Beaker here 
and the Diamond Jubilee Pillbox Clock here

The Galloway Gourmet Trotter

I will never cease to be amazed by the picnic hampers 
available in England...if anyone knows how to picnic, it is the British!
This one is a beauty!

"Made up of three detachable modules, each has been designed to accommodate selected
and inclusive stylish and durable dining accessories for up to 4 persons. A mobile luxury
picnic hamper designed and manufactured to the highest standards"

Available from
holding Royal Warrants for

GTC is privileged to hold Royal Warrants for the following households
  • By appointment to Her Majesty The Queen, Suppliers of Fancy Goods, The General Trading Company (Mayfair) Limited, London.    
  • By appointment to His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, Suppliers of Fancy Goods, The General Trading Company (Mayfair) Limited, London.  
  • By appointment to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Suppliers of Fancy Goods, The General Trading Company (Mayfair) Limited, London.  
  • GTC previously held a Royal Warrant for Her Majesty The Queen Mother.
image taken at Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Chelsea Flower Show: Caroline Weihrauch

The first in a series from the Chelsea Flower Show 2012
The things that caught my eye.
For the best views of the Chelsea Flower Show, visit here.

Along Eastern Avenue in the Chelsea Flower Show 2012
Caroline bloom, literally.
If you love flowers, particularly flowers in art.
Visit Caroline here.


If I were British...

Perhaps I have lived in the UK too long...but I had to do a double
take when I came across this outfit at the Victoria and Albert Museum
I can't help but love this ensemble.
It is part of the V&A's fashion through the ages collection. If I were British,
I just might have put something like this on for the Jubilee celebrations coming up.
Have I been here too long?

Alongside the display above, a 1930 photograph of Lee Miller.
Now...this I truly love!

More from the V&A soon... :)


Mad for Rolser

This post is for my Aussie friend, Anne, who arrived this rainy morning in London looking very chic in an orange felt hat, pulling a Rolser shopping trolley. Behind her followed another and another. I instantly felt like the girl who showed up at a party without a gift. This got me thinking....if I were to pick up a Rolser, which one would it be? Can you help me?

Made in Spain, Rolser shopping trolleys are described as the 'Rolls Royce' of the shopping trolley market. They have over 70 different colours and is quite exciting!

My top choices..

Rolser says... 
" This model is truly unique! Absolutely Avant-Garde, 
it is fun, original and simply one of a kind. If you love shopping 
(and frankly, who doesn't?) 
the Rolser Retro trolley is about to become your funky new friend!"

Rolser says...
"Strollers may have a reputation for being something 
your granny would use, but with fab designs like these, 
it won't be long before they're the height of fashion."

Rolser says...
"Go dotty for your newest range of dazzling delights from Rolser. 
Yes, your style antenna are spot-on with this one. New to the British market,
the Rolser Luna is already a bestseller. It offer the very cutting edge of Rolser's 
design...not to mention the light-weight strength and durability that comes with
all Rolser products."

Rolser says...
" Joy is Rolser's youngest and wants to be 
companion of people like you: young, independent, urbanite..."

Rolser says...
"The pack folds in half for easy storage and transport. 
A superb piece of shopping trolley engineering, 
the trolley fold down in 2 easy steps."

It folds into this...

I am thinking...that Anne is on to something.  
I like the thought of travelling with one of these...
zipping along the streets of Paris, filling it up as you go. 
Hey, a girl can dream..can't she?

Do you shop by trolley?
If not, would you?

Trolley images and detail via 
Paris photo...jeanne

Cafe reflections...

Cafe reflections in Molesey.
Happy Monday!

It's a Queen's World @Tatler

All I can say..if you see this issue of Tatler magazine, grab it.
I haven't been able to put it down for days.
If you can't find can read it here,
or you can down download the June issue here.
Hooray!...The Tatler Restaurant Awards 2012 are in.
Find out who won here.

JUNE 2012

    Spacesuits crack her up, her husband calls her 'Sausage' and she never gets seasick - plus another 22 nuggets of inside information
    ... a diamond worth £10,000
    Fancy some regal retail therapy? These are the Royal Warrant Holders
    The Queen is in her council house, extremely short of money. Sue Townsend dares to imagine an ex-monarch's life
    Glorious girls-about-town
    Words of advice form the Palace (not really - Mary Dudley made them up)
    So just how deep are her pockets? Keith Dovkants investigates
    Willow, Her Majesty's corgi
    The Queen and Tatler go back an awfully long way- to when she was a baby on her grandmama's knee, in fact...

The Queen...looking at you.

Images and text via Tatler

Andrew Martin and Gong... London

I talk about Andrew Martin over here...
and want to mention another cool shop I discovered today. you know it?

Belgian Interior designer, Jo Plismy and French Interior designer Guillaume Evrard
joined forces, combining their love for travel and craftsmanship.  The result is exciting.
They say their showroom is 'eclectically harmonious', it most definitely is and is worth a visit.
Better yet, you can start by looking here.
Happy Browsing!

172 Fulham Road
London, SW10 9PR
Phone: 0207 370 7176


I am going to have to break it to him gently.
I know he will say that he does not share well.
Poor Mr. H.
I have fallen hard...for Andrew.
Andrew Martin of London.

Andrew knows how to travel and when he does, he does it well.
He puts this with that...the sort of things one would not have 
thought possible. He speaks a language I fully understand.

In case you are wondering...Andrew Martin is a store in London.
The coolest kind of store...filled to the brim with possibilities.
They kindly let me take a few photos...they could tell I was smitten.

I ventured into the store as a result of a few projects I am working on around our house.
We are upholstering some furniture in anticipation of our move to Vietnam. 
With a warmer tropical climate, we need to make a few adjustments 
to our cozy English atmosphere.

I am thinking of off white sofas...but my family is aghast. 
I could hear it coming as soon as I said it..
 With an incredulous look, they asked
 'What about Friday pizza nights around the TV? 
'We can't do that on white couches'

To which I said...'When in Vietnam, do as the Vietnamese do.
They look puzzled, I think I am too.

I have a little file going.
I am saving the photo of the ottoman above for another country. 
Patchwork Ottomans...very clever!

I was very excited to see the chairs below. 
We picked up similar cloths in Africa and Samoa.
They have had many uses, I think this one is a good idea.
One day...

 I have my eye on this striped fabric below for Mr. H's favourite chair.

I showed it to him and he came back to me with his preference, below.

To which I said... 'Red silk,
in a hot tropical climate, around the TV? 
I don't think so.'

I think we are going to need an intervention by Andrew.

200 Walton Street
London SW3 2JL

Jeanne xx

The Victoria and Albert Museum

A visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum often ends with a trip to the third floor to see what is on display in the Photographs Gallery. The V&A has an internationally renowned collection of photographs from 1839 up to the 1960's. I always manage to find something that make me take a second glance.  The images below are not a true reflection of the artists work. A reflection of the gallery
is in them as well...which I kind of like. 

Today I enjoyed..

'Georgia O'Keefe' -1918
by Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946)
' Stieglitz first saw O'Keefe's work in 1916.
Impressed by the expressive power of her large abstract drawings,
he hosted her first solo exhibition at his gallery the following year.
Stieglitz photographed O'Keefe posed in front of her work, finding ways
to fuse her body with the compositions. This was the start of an extraordinary artistic
and personal collaboration lasting over twenty years.'

'Day of Paris'-1945
Andre Kertesz (1894-1985)
'Hungarian-born Kertesz moved to Paris in 1925 where he stared taking 
pictures for magazines. He described this book as a lyric poem about an urban
wanderer: "Out of his aloneness, he has spoken to no one, he has
implored no glance. And so, because he is willing to lose himself,
Paris has revealed her most precious secrets" ' 

The photo above, struck a note with me as last week, in Paris..
I came upon three chairs and felt compelled to photograph them. 
I was the urban wanderer in Paris..looking for precious secrets.

Looking for secrets... here and here too.


Best wishes for a lovely weekend to one and all!
We have a bank holiday in England on monday.
Love long weekends!


Blue in Oxford...

Just because I love the colours and I can not resist a bicycle..
especially in purple. A sunny street in Oxford.


Exploring Oxford, England

I took the kids to Oxford on Sunday, 
to poke around the University of Oxford and surroundings. 
It was one of those last minute, spontaneous affairs.
I had been before, in 1982 and am happy to report, 
it is still as magical as I remembered.
One thing I did learn on this trip, you can not 'do' Oxford in an afternoon, 
at least by my calculations. Oxford is like a good book, 
the kind of book you look forward to at the end of the day. 
You need to slowly turn the pages, reflecting on what you just read. 
It is the anticipation of what is to come that is the most rewarding. 
Losing yourself in the story is essential. 

At this point, my kids would be rolling their eyes. 
We had a difference of opinion in what we wanted to do which quickly made me realise, 
I need to go back on my own.

The kids wanted to steer clear of museums, cathedrals and historic buildings...
anything that would end up with mother needing to be dragged along. 
It was a beautiful day, so we all agreed to appreciate the view from the street.

I am showing my favourite photos, they are not so much 'scenes of Oxford' 
but personal vignettes. My eye on Oxford so to speak.
I will start and end with my favourite photos, they remind me of a book I cherish,
 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'. The tree of heaven...

If you would like to explore Oxford and Oxfordshire 
yourself one day, you can research it here.

Photographs by Jeanne Henriques

Still finding my way in England...

This past month of April, I seemed to be everywhere but England.
As much as I love to travel, it is always a nice feeling knowing
that you do not have to pack a bag for a while. I have ten
weeks left before we move to Vietnam and I have a plan. 

I started this blog for people like myself, expats moving to England,
who were looking to explore. It has been a wonderful experience to
write on this blog. It has been a journey, one that I will never forget.

I am not quite done. I want to leave this blog as a resource to others.
It may take me longer than the time we have left in England but I will 
get there. I will be consolidating posts from my other blogs. If some
of them look familiar, please bare with me while I undergo a bit of re-construction.

As always, I am still finding my way in England....

My most recent post, @ Collage of Life..

I pass this house nearly every day in one traffic jam or another. I love the 'Garden Cottage' sign.
Today..I took a photo..while sitting in traffic.

As I write, the sun is setting over Surrey. It feels good to mention this as it has been a while since we have seen the sun. Isn't it amazing what a difference those warm rays of sunshine can make in your day? Today, it made me stop and think of our remaining time in England. It is hard to believe that we are now counting down...ten weeks to moving day. I have decided to take extra care each day, to really look closely at my surroundings and capture it the best I can.

This may be something you want to try yourself. Think back to when you first moved to your home/town/city. Do you remember what you thought when you took it all in the first time? I find, that as time passes, we often do not see it in the same light. Think of all the things you saw today...can you recollect many details? It often goes by in a blur. We remember the appointments, the drive, the shopping, the commute, the meals...but do you remember the flowers that were in bloom as you walked outside, do you remember how the light hit buildings as you passed by, do you remember the colour of the grass, the sound of the birds, did you have any moments when time stood still for you, for just a little while. I made it happen for me today, and I took photos along the way. If I had not taken the following photos, I could not have told you much about my day..I was just busy. Now, looking back, it was pretty special. I look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

The setting sun on our backyard.

My 'Alice in Wonderland' shot...taken from the outside, looking in.. to my desk.

The rain is working it's magic on our English garden.

Tika and I in search of bluebells near our home.

The ride home...

Along our street...

Around the corner from our home...

A rough draft of this post, written at our kitchen table.

Looking up and greeting the moon. it's your turn. 
Take a few snaps of your day and if you do, let me know... 
I would love to hear all about it. I hope you find a few
unexpected surprises. :)