If I were British...

Perhaps I have lived in the UK too long...but I had to do a double
take when I came across this outfit at the Victoria and Albert Museum
I can't help but love this ensemble.
It is part of the V&A's fashion through the ages collection. If I were British,
I just might have put something like this on for the Jubilee celebrations coming up.
Have I been here too long?

Alongside the display above, a 1930 photograph of Lee Miller.
Now...this I truly love!

More from the V&A soon... :)



  1. Jeanne, You should certainly have an outfit like that. Maybe you could only wear it in England or one of its colonies (oops, it doesn't have any more, or does it--Granada?) Do you have a British accent? Are you American or Australian? There's a cute quote on Pinterest that says "If I had a British accent, I'd never shut up!" I want one!

  2. It could be your goodbye to England outfit.