Mad for Rolser

This post is for my Aussie friend, Anne, who arrived this rainy morning in London looking very chic in an orange felt hat, pulling a Rolser shopping trolley. Behind her followed another and another. I instantly felt like the girl who showed up at a party without a gift. This got me thinking....if I were to pick up a Rolser, which one would it be? Can you help me?

Made in Spain, Rolser shopping trolleys are described as the 'Rolls Royce' of the shopping trolley market. They have over 70 different colours and is quite exciting!

My top choices..

Rolser says... 
" This model is truly unique! Absolutely Avant-Garde, 
it is fun, original and simply one of a kind. If you love shopping 
(and frankly, who doesn't?) 
the Rolser Retro trolley is about to become your funky new friend!"

Rolser says...
"Strollers may have a reputation for being something 
your granny would use, but with fab designs like these, 
it won't be long before they're the height of fashion."

Rolser says...
"Go dotty for your newest range of dazzling delights from Rolser. 
Yes, your style antenna are spot-on with this one. New to the British market,
the Rolser Luna is already a bestseller. It offer the very cutting edge of Rolser's 
design...not to mention the light-weight strength and durability that comes with
all Rolser products."

Rolser says...
" Joy is Rolser's youngest and wants to be 
companion of people like you: young, independent, urbanite..."

Rolser says...
"The pack folds in half for easy storage and transport. 
A superb piece of shopping trolley engineering, 
the trolley fold down in 2 easy steps."

It folds into this...

I am thinking...that Anne is on to something.  
I like the thought of travelling with one of these...
zipping along the streets of Paris, filling it up as you go. 
Hey, a girl can dream..can't she?

Do you shop by trolley?
If not, would you?

Trolley images and detail via 
Paris photo...jeanne


  1. Jeanne, I can imagine you with the first one! I like that the best, my second choice is the red one that folds up small.

    Hope you are having a great night.

  2. I'm tempted by the polar red. I'd worry that people would laugh at me, but I could always claim that it was a pushchair for my very shy child.

  3. Hi Jeanne, this post made me smile, I was never without my Rolser when I lived in Paris, now I live in the country there is not much need for one but I did buy Belle Mere one for Christmas, she was fighting getting one as she thought it was too old ladyish! Now she would not be without it.

  4. AnonymousMay 17, 2012

    I really like shopping trolleys (I'm an old lady at 25 years of age). These shopping trolleys aren't so common outside the UK. I really like the look of Rolser Maxi Joy.

  5. I never realize there are such beautiful things and they can be folded.
    I like the Polar Red 4Wheeler. My wife will probably like on of these trollies.

  6. I don't shop using a trolly, but if I ever need one, I'll get one like this. :)

  7. AnonymousMay 22, 2012

    I went shopping in Uxbridge Town Centre recently after many years. The area isn't what it used to be back in its prime during the 90s, mainly because of the recession and Westfield nearby. I really dislike Westfield shopping centre and other big shopping malls. It takes away business from independent shops/restaurants inevitably killing off the High Street. I always support the high street and promote it whenever I can.

    Uxbridge, Ealing and Southall still have many shops on offer - more varied than large shopping malls. You might be interested in the tiny book shop, florist, bistro and sweet shop on Windsor Street in Uxbridge Town Centre and the tiny railway in the nearby Ruislip Lido.