The Victoria and Albert Museum

A visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum often ends with a trip to the third floor to see what is on display in the Photographs Gallery. The V&A has an internationally renowned collection of photographs from 1839 up to the 1960's. I always manage to find something that make me take a second glance.  The images below are not a true reflection of the artists work. A reflection of the gallery
is in them as well...which I kind of like. 

Today I enjoyed..

'Georgia O'Keefe' -1918
by Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946)
' Stieglitz first saw O'Keefe's work in 1916.
Impressed by the expressive power of her large abstract drawings,
he hosted her first solo exhibition at his gallery the following year.
Stieglitz photographed O'Keefe posed in front of her work, finding ways
to fuse her body with the compositions. This was the start of an extraordinary artistic
and personal collaboration lasting over twenty years.'

'Day of Paris'-1945
Andre Kertesz (1894-1985)
'Hungarian-born Kertesz moved to Paris in 1925 where he stared taking 
pictures for magazines. He described this book as a lyric poem about an urban
wanderer: "Out of his aloneness, he has spoken to no one, he has
implored no glance. And so, because he is willing to lose himself,
Paris has revealed her most precious secrets" ' 

The photo above, struck a note with me as last week, in Paris..
I came upon three chairs and felt compelled to photograph them. 
I was the urban wanderer in Paris..looking for precious secrets.

Looking for secrets... here and here too.


Best wishes for a lovely weekend to one and all!
We have a bank holiday in England on monday.
Love long weekends!


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  1. Good afternoon Jeanne,

    I hope that you were off anoterh fabulous adventure today! I love to be an armchair traveler along for the ride.

    The photo of the 3 chairs is magical...almost as if they were waiting for the three friends who were just sitting her catching up to come back and resume the conversation about the weekend.

    I am convinced each time I see one of your beautiful images that one of these days you are going to announce that Chronicle Books is going to publish a book of your beautiful images. Just as they did for Little Brown Pen.

    Take ccare dear friend and enjoy your weekend, Elizabeth