Antiques Road Trip

Charles Hanson via

I am a latecomer to this party... 
I have never been one for the BBC Antiques Roadshows
even though I know the show is hugely popular in the UK. I have watched them on
occasion but it has not been enough to bring me back again and again. I imagine
if I had a treasure trove of family antiques gathering dust somewhere or if I was
an avid collector of antiques, I would be right on top of it.

Last night, I was ironing my new pile of vintage English linen,
 when I happened upon Antiques Road Trip and thought to my myself...
now we are talking! 

Charles Hanson and Charlie Ross via

In particular, the dynamic duo of Charles Hanson and Charlie Ross
It could have been the car they drove around the English countryside
 in search of antiques. It could have been their quest to find a bargain 
so that they could later turn over a profit in an upcoming auction. 
It could have been their bartering skills (of which I have none) or it could 
have been the unusual objects they were drawn too of which there were many.

No matter...
I was smitten and smiled all the way through the show.
The show has that English humour which I have grown to love.
 I also learned a thing or two about haggling over a price.
If only I had watched this show last week.
It could have saved me a pretty penny.

I am the one....
who walks in to a shop, falls in love with an item
and makes no attempt to hide it. Putty in the shop owners hands.
That was me yesterday...tomorrow, watch out!

I did not buy anything on this trip but often look back and think
I could have, should have. The nice thing about living or visiting England,
is that there is plenty more where this came from. 
You just have to get out there and look.

If you would like to learn more 
about the BBC Antiques Road Trip shows.
You can start here.

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bottom images ~jeanne


  1. Jeanne, I love your photos of those charming vintage items for sale. I do enjoy the Antiques Roadshow series that we have on television here in the U.S. The one you have in Britain looks fabulous, how cute are those two guys driving around in that car! Have a great weekend!
    xx Sunday

  2. I do love your post! And all those vintage finds. I like this program very much and always watch it if I am at home. It is quite witty.