Travels to Loseley Park in Surrey...

I have come to the conclusion that every stately English home should have an exceptional garden.
This is only because they do. I happened upon Loseley Park after a call from a friend who said that I was not to miss the May Fair on the grounds of Loseley Park. She is one of those woman who has a keen eye for shopping opportunities and whose judgement I trust explicitly.  Imagine my surprise when I drove up to find this estate as well.  I was delighted!

After filling my market basket with a few treats, I ventured over to the property for a little 'look see'.
I quickly realised that 'little' is not a word to associate with Loseley Park.

 Loseley Park was built in the time of Elizabeth I and is still the home of the More-Molyneux family.
It is said to have changed little since 1562 when Sir William More put his hands to the first stones.
Calm, grace and subtle beauty are used to describe Loseley Park and I would have to agree.
I did not have time to go into the house and will save that for another day/post. What I did manage to venture into were the beautiful gardens, all five of them. The Rose Garden, Herb Garden, Flower Garden, White Garden and the Organic Vegetable Garden. They are so immense and so beautiful that it was almost too much to take in on one visit. I can see that several trips will be required to truly appreciated this stately home.

Have a wander with me.....

 Rosa Cornelia, a hybrid musk rose.

At the end of this extensive wander, this was the most welcoming sight of all :)

More on Loseley Park, here.


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  1. Absolutely stunning! I'll bet the inside of the house is something else. Built in the 1500's-- amazing. What kind of gardens do they have in Viet Nam?

    1. I will be sure to let you know Mary! :)

  2. Looks like I need to get out of the city more and mosey on over to Surrey to see such beauty. Would help sometimes to have a car. many treasures off the beaten path.

  3. Oh my goodness... there's nothing like England in the summer... absolutely beautiful garden and wonderful photographs! Well done Jeanne xox

  4. I love your photographs. I will never get to travel there, but I did through your photographs. Thank you. You might like my iris garden photos and others.

  5. I must say I'm a huge anglophile and I found your blog just in time! I was accompanied with a strange longing recently. And it was longing for feeding myself with some English pictures&moods... My heart is fullfilled now. Thank you very much. Your site is wonderful, you take very, very good pictures which shows the beauty of natural England I dream about. Thank you once again and, please, don't stop!!!

    Amber W. from

  6. Nothing like UK in summer, and you had me at the name {what it is about Loseley Park?} Thanks for the lovely snaps...