The Thames and the journey's end

One winter's day, 
I passed over the Thames River
to make my way to Waterloo station.

I looked down and was entranced by the water..
the weight of it, the motion, the colours 
and thought of the journey's end
for everything and everyone 
who passed at that moment in time.

If you are in London one winter's day, 
grab a coffee and take a stroll along the Thames.
Look closely...there is so much to see. 
I promise, you will not want to miss any of it.

View over the Thames River to St. Paul's Cathedral from Tate Modern.


  1. Jeanne,

    This looks like a wonderful way to spend part of a winters day. Not only watching all of the activity but thinking and imagining the past and all of the interesting people and goods that were ferried on it.

    I hope you are well dear Jeanne, good luck this weekend on your walk. Be well and safe, Elizabeth

  2. Beautiful post Jeanne, reminds me of my trip with Bobby back in April. We stopped to take it all in and enjoyed each and every second of this place... So glad to be home, bestést

    Jo x

  3. We were in London mid Fall last year. I just loved it. We walked all along the river. Such a beautiful time of year to be there.

  4. Love The Thames and still find it magical after walking and admiring it for over 30 years.

  5. I am so lucky, I live in the only borough that is on both sides of the Thames; I can go into London by train for free. My fvourite views are of the city of London from Hungerford Bridge and views of Richmond Hill from the South West train between Richmond and St. Margarets.

    No wonder we don't want to go away when we have such delights on our doorstep.