The Thames and the journey's end

One winter's day, 
I passed over the Thames River
to make my way to Waterloo station.

I looked down and was entranced by the water..
the weight of it, the motion, the colours 
and thought of the journey's end
for everything and everyone 
who passed at that moment in time.

If you are in London one winter's day, 
grab a coffee and take a stroll along the Thames.
Look closely...there is so much to see. 
I promise, you will not want to miss any of it.

View over the Thames River to St. Paul's Cathedral from Tate Modern.

Finding my way in Vietnam...

My English Pashley bicycle and me...happily riding
the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Some may wonder where I have last post was some months ago.
Some will know that I have moved, one week after my last post
on Juy 3, 2012... to Vietnam.

I had plans...I was planning to write on this blog from afar.
Then something happened, I had hoped it wouldn't.
I felt homesick...for England.
Silly thing that, I am not English, and we only lived in Surrey
for two and a half years. The shortest expat experience for us yet.

But it happened...not the first time and surely not the last.
I found it hard to even visit the blog....I did not want to mix emotions.
When you move to a new home, a new need to stay focused.
Staying stuck in the past never did anyone any good, surely not for me.

You learn to look at life as a series of layers...beautiful travel layers.
Our time in England was one of them...wonderful people and experiences.
Our lives are richer for each and every one.

I feel better about it now...I have hit the three month stretch.
I separate the first year into three, six and twelve month increments.
With each, comes an ease, when you start to feel more comfortable 
and accepting of your new surroundings. day it hits is not over.
Whose to say what will come next?
In an expat never say never.
I could be walking the streets of London once again.
In fact, one way or another, I know I will.

That's the moment when you accept your move
that's the moment when you come back to a blog you missed, 
to say... I am not far away...just Vietnam. Even better, I am
 a 'click' away to where I write more frequently @ Collage of Life.

I know many of you join me there already...and I thank you immensely for that!
If others have wondered where I have been
and would like to continue the journey with me.
You can meet me in Ho Chi Minh

I will not close this blog down...because you never know...
I could be finding my way around England once again...
fingers crossed. :)

Until then, you can find me at Chateau Mango..
writing away... here.

images~ jeanne