For the love of marmalade... #fortnumandmason

If you love a luscious tasting marmalade...
we say, look no further than Fortnum and Mason.We have tried them all...from America, to Australia, to New Zealand and back again. Mr. and Mr. H have declared that no one does it as well as Fortnum and Mason. With each visit to London, Mr. H has a simple assignment, buy as much Forthum and Mason marmalade as you can fit into your luggage. The man never ceases to amaze me with what he can get into his luggage. If their is a will..there is a way. 

If you love a luscious tasting marmalade...
and orange is your flavour of are a few to tempt you. Even better...pick up a few as a Christmas gift with a few tins of Fortnum and Mason will be the best gift give ever..promise!

Sir Nigel's Vintage Orange Marmalade
 This classic vintage marmalade was made by Fortnum’s in the 1920s 
for actor-manager Sir Nigel Playfair, who asked for a bitter, thick-cut preserve for his toast. 
We met his request with this – a strong, substantial marmalade with a deep flavour 
and lots of chewy peel. The colour of dark marmalade is often achieved by cooking the sugar for longer; 
but we make it with two sorts of brown sugar instead, to give colour without overcooking. 
The result is a rich, citrussy, not-too-sweet flavour. A cheering sight on one’s breakfast table. 

Dark Navy Rum Marmalade
Made to celebrate Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar, this magnificent marmalade 
recreates the naval tradition of a daily tot of rum. A helping of Pusser’s Rum 
is added to the jar after cooking and is stirred gently through the dark jelly 
and medium-cut peel to create a memorable flavour.

Old English Hunt Marmalade
The Pytchley Hunt has been well chronicled from the mid 17th century. 
The traditional pre-hunt breakfast prizes the energy-giving properties of marmalade, 
and this medium-cut recipe is exactly how they like it. 

Pale Navy Orange Marmalade
 This medium cut marmalade was created to commemorate 
Vice Admiral Nelson's victory over the French at Trafalgar. 
Our marmalade contains the same generous tot of British Navy Rum 
as the darker version but used lighter sugar to give a more delicate flavour.

Monarch Full-bodied Vintage Marmalade
For too many centuries, the regal breakfast has lacked a truly monarchical marmalade. 
For almost as long, Fortnum’s chefs have striven to create the recipe to crown all others. 
But at last here it is – a full-bodied, thick-cut, vintage Seville orange marmalade made 
with soft brown cane sugar. One’s toast will feel highly privileged.



  1. I love orange marmalade, but am not gourmet about it. You've just made my mouth water!!?

  2. des marmelades bien savoureuses
    que l'on ne trouve pas en France
    peut-être sur le net ?
    les étiquettes des pots sont super belles
    edith (iris) France