05 May 2012

Andrew Martin and Gong... London

I talk about Andrew Martin over here...
and want to mention another cool shop I discovered today. 
Gong...do you know it?

Belgian Interior designer, Jo Plismy and French Interior designer Guillaume Evrard
joined forces, combining their love for travel and craftsmanship.  The result is exciting.
They say their showroom is 'eclectically harmonious', it most definitely is and is worth a visit.
Better yet, you can start by looking here.
Happy Browsing!

172 Fulham Road
London, SW10 9PR
Phone: 0207 370 7176


I am going to have to break it to him gently.
I know he will say that he does not share well.
Poor Mr. H.
I have fallen hard...for Andrew.
Andrew Martin of London.

Andrew knows how to travel and when he does, he does it well.
He puts this with that...the sort of things one would not have 
thought possible. He speaks a language I fully understand.

In case you are wondering...Andrew Martin is a store in London.
The coolest kind of store...filled to the brim with possibilities.
They kindly let me take a few photos...they could tell I was smitten.

I ventured into the store as a result of a few projects I am working on around our house.
We are upholstering some furniture in anticipation of our move to Vietnam. 
With a warmer tropical climate, we need to make a few adjustments 
to our cozy English atmosphere.

I am thinking of off white sofas...but my family is aghast. 
I could hear it coming as soon as I said it..
 With an incredulous look, they asked
 'What about Friday pizza nights around the TV? 
'We can't do that on white couches'

To which I said...'When in Vietnam, do as the Vietnamese do.
They look puzzled, I think I am too.

I have a little file going.
I am saving the photo of the ottoman above for another country. 
Patchwork Ottomans...very clever!

I was very excited to see the chairs below. 
We picked up similar cloths in Africa and Samoa.
They have had many uses, I think this one is a good idea.
One day...

 I have my eye on this striped fabric below for Mr. H's favourite chair.

I showed it to him and he came back to me with his preference, below.

To which I said... 'Red silk,
in a hot tropical climate, around the TV? 
I don't think so.'

I think we are going to need an intervention by Andrew.

200 Walton Street
London SW3 2JL

Jeanne xx

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  1. Some very interesting stuff at Gong. Put it in your house, and your house is suddenly very interesting!